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Privacy Notice

GDPR Privacy Notice for Old Dairy Farm Nursery, 36 Winchester Rd, Hants.

MRFR Ltd - trading as Old Dairy Farm Nursery collects and handles personal information about families and staff through:

  • Website enquiries

  • Telephone enquiries

  • Registering a place at Nursery- The Nursery Agreement

  • Your Childs individual Care Plan

  • Medical and Accident Records for your child

  • Daily register of attendance

  • Reports from third Parties- Your Childs other Nursery setting, School setting or Other Professionals involved in your childs care and development e.g. Speech and language therapy, Health Visitor and Childrens Social Care*.

  • Job application forms

  • Contracts of employment and safer recruitment checks

  • Staff qualifications and Training records

  • Photographs and Observations of childrens learning

  • CCTV of nursery car park, garden and rooms.

  • The processing of claims for children’s government funding              


The data we collect:

  • Names, Addresses, Telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of parents, potential parents and others who are authorised to collect children

  • Name, address and Date of birth for potential children and children attending nursery

  • Staff recruitment process, qualifications, ID check, staff address, email and telephone numbers plus their emergency contact address and telephone numbers

  • Childrens learning and development records including copies of reports, photographs, observations and assessments

  • Accident and medicine records

  • Childrens attendance records

  • Allergy/dietary/ medical information for children and staff

  • Video images via our nursery webcams


The Personal information which you supply to us may be used in a number of ways, for example:

  • To keep your child safe e.g. holding emergency contact details and recording who is present in the nursery (webcams and register/visitors book)

  • To share concerns about your childs health, safety and wellbeing with you and if necessary with Childrens Social Care*

  • To share news with you about your childs learning and development

  • To respond to questions and queries

  • To send invoices

  • To share news from the nursery

  • To ask for your feedback about your child’s experience at nursery so that we may be able to make improvements to the service we provide

  • To support your child’s move to and from another setting/school

  • To claim Government Funding for eligible children


Third Parties:

We do not sell data onto other parties. We do not give access to third parties without prior written consent from you. The only exception to this would be if we considered that there would be a safeguarding risk to your child if we were not to do so. In this situation we have a duty of care to put childrens safety first. When parents provide data which will be shared with Hampshire County Council e.g. for funding claims, the nursery will show parents a copy of Hampshire County Councils Privacy Notice. A copy is always available on the nursery notice board in the reception area.


Personal Data is held securely in the following ways:

  • Hard copies (paperwork) containing personal data are stored in a locked filing cabinet- only accessible to nursery staff

  • Nursery software (Kindersoft) containing personal data is password protected and backed up. For more information please go to Kindersoft website and their own Privacy Policy.

  • Photographs and observations of children’s learning are password protected on nursery tablets and the nursery computer.


If you would like to see copies of the data we collect on you or if you have a concern relating to data collection, data handling or believe there has been a data breech at The Old Dairy Farm Nursery. The person responsible for data (The Data Controller) is The Nursery Manager. They can be contacted at:

Postal Address- 36 Winchester Rd, Stroud, Petersfield, Hants

By e-mail at

Telephone: 01730 233444


Policy created 24.04.18

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